Previous Asbestos removal jobs

  1. Water NSW – Railway St Narrabri.
    Asbestos Removal for New Shouth Wales Narrabri Water.
  2. Narrabri Asbestos Removal Fitzroy street.
    Asbestos Removal – Garage walls and roof.
  3. Narrabri Asbestos Removal Old Gunnedah Road.
    Asbestos Removal – Eave sheeting.
  4. Gurley Asbestos Removal.
    Demolishing Burnt Asbesos Contaminated house in Gurley.
  5. Ashley Asbestos Removal – North st.
    Asbestos Removal – Eave sheeting, External and Internal walls.
  6. Moree Asbestos Removal – Eduard st.
    Asbestos removal from two bathrooms.
  7. Moree Asbestos Removal – Greenbah Road.
    Removal of Asbestos contaminated Eaves all around the house, ceilings, and ACM product on the pole of the awning.
  8. Asbestos Removal – Moree Frome St.
    Removing asbestos contaminated sheeting to walls internally, two bathrooms and hallway cupoards.
  9. Moree Asbestos removal – State Water Corporation.
    Removal of AC shelving to the shed.
  10. Asbestos Removal – Narrabri High School/Public Works.
    Removal of AC flooring tiles.
  11. WeeWaa Asbestos Removal – WeeWaa Weir.
    Removal of AC eaves of pump house.
  12. Inverell Asbestos Removal – Copeton Dam.
    Removing Asbestos contaminated Electrical Switch Board.
  13. Removal of Asbestos in Police Housing – Walgett, Bourke, Goodooga, Ashford, Tingha, Comboyne and Bowraville.
  14. Removal of Asbestos from Burnt Cascades Theatre in Moree.
  15. Removal of Asbestos Caltex fuel station in Moree.
  16. Removal of Asbestos contaminated Copeton Dam gantry crane brakes.
  17. Removal of Asbestos electrical Switch Boards – Copeton dam and Pindari dam.
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