Siding Springs Observatory Coonabarabran

Crawford Constructions have completed 2 projects at Sidings Springs Observatory in Coonabarabran in Conjunction with AGC Roofing Sydney (Bill Crawford was a Director of AGC Roofing During his 15 years Roofing in Sydney)

The siding springs observatory projects were both Roofing and Asbestos removal works on the main observatory, the workshop and the Schmidt building Dome  valued over $1  Million Dollars.

These projects were particularly testing to our Skill and determination with Snow falling on the 1st day of the project and Gale force winds on many other days.

Whilst working at Heights of over 8 storeys this project was very much about worker safety, control plans and Safe work methods.

Despite the trying conditions this project was completed 1 month ahead of schedule and we were nominated for a building excellence award in Canberra.

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